This compilation began on a small scale in the summer of 1952 when a young newspaper reporter realized he needed more information about places in his native Butler County. His brief reference notes progressed from a few scraps of paper to a small notebook, to a larger loose-leaf notebook and finally to an alphabetized collection in a computer.
Over the years, the scope has expanded to include places bordering Butler County, frequently mentioned places in other counties, and places often erroneously identified as in Butler County. Some places were planned or platted, but never materialized. Others have disappeared through mergers, annexations and name changes. The list includes subdivisions, unincorporated towns, corners, crossroads, postal identifications, villages, cities, townships, counties, buildings, parks, public areas and sites on the National Register of Historic Places. Businesses and industries were added in the 1990s. Key events in local and regional history have been added. Information has been gleaned from many sources.
Because the writer's journalism career concentrated on coverage of southern and western Butler County, there are more entries from those areas. The late George Crout, a Middletown historian, was generous in sharing information on the northeast corner of the county. There is no claim the compilation is complete or without errors. Corrections and suggestions are welcome.
-- Jim Blount