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Hueston Woods State Park

Hueston Woods State Park covers more than 3,580 acres in two counties. It includes parts of Sections 2, 3 and 11 in Oxford Twp. The park is about five miles north of Oxford via Ohio 732, and 16 miles northwest of Hamilton via Ohio 177 and Ohio 732. A 377-acre virgin beech and maple stand (with 50 acres in Butler County) formed the basis of the park, named for Matthew Hueston, the original owner of the virgin tract. Hueston (1771-1847), a Pennsylvania native, came to Cincinnati in 1793, working as a tanner before becoming a packhorseman and cattle drover with Gen. Anthony Wayne's frontier army.

Starting in 1801, he invested in land in what are now Butler and Preble counties, including 2,600 acres in present Hanover, St. Clair and Oxford townships. The park was proposed in the early 1930s, but didn't materialize until the 1950s. Cabins opened in the fall of 1954, Tallawanda Creek (Four Mile) was dammed in 1956 and 625-acre Acton Lake was formed in April 1957. A lodge with a dining room and other facilities opened in 1967. (See Hueston House for more biographical information on Matthew Hueston.)
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