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Hauck-Windisch farms

Hauck-Windisch farms, owned by Cincinnati brewers, included land in West Chester Township. A West Chester Twp. web site explains that "the large German population in Cincinnati and their penchant for lager beer, played a part in bringing some other well-known names to West Chester. Germans strictly adhered to the law proclaimed in 1561 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria that "beer shall be brewed only with barley, hops and water." German breweries were opening up all over Cincinnati and the demand for barley was great. The problem was that barley was a difficult crop to grow requiring much attention. Farmers were reluctant to plant it and the competition for barley supplies was growing each year. Some of the big brewers decided to buy farms and grow their own supplies of barley. Some of the best farmland in the area was in the southwest corner of Union Twp. [West Chester Twp.]. There were many benefits of owning farms. The obvious reason was a constant supply of barley for the breweries. The second was a place for the brewery horses to come and rest and recuperate after pulling the brewery wagons up and down the hills of Cincinnati. The third reason was a place to build large country homes for the families to escape to especially during the hot and humid Cincinnati summers." "One brewery to own a farm in Union Twp. [now West Chester Twp.] was the Hauck-Windisch Co.," according to the web site. "John U. Windisch and his partner, John Hauck together bought 400 acres in 1876. The partners went their separate ways and the land was divided. The Windisch farm was located between Crescentville Road and Allen Road. The original home burnt down and was replaced by the large red brick home that still stands on Windisch Road. The original barn is the huge white one across the road from the house. Hauck's farm was adjacent to Windisch's farm and ran into Hamilton county. The stately Victorian mansion on the corner of Crescentville and Mosteller Roads was the summer home of the Hauck family. It was used for many years by members of the Hauck family including Frederick Hauck, one of Cincinnati's most famous philanthropists," said the West Chester web site in 2003. The John Hauck Brewing Co. was incorporated in 1870. Previously, for 15 years, it was known as the Hauck & Windisch Brewery. John Hauck, the founder, was born in Rhenish Bavaria, Germany, in 1826, and came to the United Stsates at an early age. Shortly after arrival he worked in a brewery with his uncle, Mr. Herancourt, learning the brewing business. A few years later he went to Europe, remaining for about two years. When he returned to America, he worked in Philadelphia with his father-in-law, Mr. Billiod, as a foreman in the brewery. With his savings, Hauck entered a partnership with Windisch in 1864. This partnership lasted until 1879, when Hauck bought his partner's share, and continued the business. An 1894 History of Cincinnati and Hamilton County said the brewery, at the corner of Central Avenue and Dayton Street, covered nearly five acres, and had an annual capacity of 300,000 barrels. (See Muhlhauser, Moerlein Farm, Windisch Home and Beckett Park.)
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