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Harlan Park

Harlan Park is part of Middletown, including the streets of Erie, Wilbraham, Wilmore, Malvern and Elmwood. "Harlan Park was laid out in the north end of Middletown between the Middletown Hydraulic canal on the north and west, and the Miami-Erie Canal, now Verity Parkway, on the south," explained George Crout. It was in Lemon Township when platted May 20, 1926. It was transferred July 16, 1926, to Middletown and annexed by the city Aug. 5, 1940. E. I. Harlan and his wife, Mary, and Walter Harlan and his wife, Lulu G., signed the plat plan. Crout said "Walter S. Harlan came to Middletown in 1893 after teaching school for four years and then studying law. He was a successful lawyer in Middletown and Hamilton and became a judge. E. I. Harlan, his brother, was a dentist."

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