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Hamilton Mill

Hamilton Mill was on the Great Miami River, north of the western end of Vine Street, opposite a rival called the Rossville Mill. Mrs. Heiser said an "old dam of early Hamilton and Rossville was a short distance below the mouth of Two Mile Creek. On either side of the river, a race curved out, emptying back into the river some distance below. The mill seat on the west side was a little above North Street (now Wayne Avenue), and the one east of the river was a square above Vine Street." She said "at first these mills were called by the names of the various owners and spoken of as being north of the towns.

As the two towns grew, the mills became the Hamilton Mill and the Rossville Mill." John Caldwell, who died in the early 1820s, was the first owner of the Hamilton Mill. Other owners or operators included Miles Kellogg, Thomas Kenworthy, Caleb DeCamp and D. W. Skidmore.

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