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Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co

Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co., formerly at 1551 Lincoln Avenue, was incorporated Sept. 11, 1891, with Adam Rentschler, president; Frederick Thomma, vice president; J. C. Hooven, treasurer; and Earl Hooven, secretary.

The firm was described as a "jobbing foundry" and "general iron foundry" in The Centennial Anniversary of the City of Hamilton, Ohio, compiled in 1891. The book said large manufacturers had their own foundries and smaller operations had none. Hamilton Foundry served both types of industries because large companies often couldn't meet their own foundry demands. "The foundry is 100 by 300 feet with a melting capacity of 15 tons per day," said the 1891 history. When opened, it was located south of Lincoln Avenue and west of the Pennsylvania Railroad in East Hamilton. It was east of the Miami-Erie Canal until the canal was replaced by Erie Highway in the mid 1930s. Some sources report that Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co. was formed to accept overflow orders for gray iron castings from the Sohn & Rentschler Foundry, 414 Vine Street. That company had been established in June 1875 by Adam Rentschler and Henry Sohn. The March 1913 flood destroyed the Sohn & Rentschler foundry and its business was assumed by the Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co. The 1913 city directory listed officers as G. A. Rentschler, president; Gordon S. Rentschler, vice president and manager; and H. A. Rentschler, treasurer and secretary. The 1929-30 directory listed Gordon S. Rentschler, chairman, and Peter E. Rentschler, president. Peter E. Rentschler was a company leader from 1920 until his death Jan. 25, 1976. The business was renamed Hamilton Foundry Inc. April 27, 1959. Later it changed again, to Hamilton Allied Corp. The foundry closed in September 1984. It was demolished in the late 1980s and a shopping center, Hamilton Crossing, was built on the site at the southeast corner of Erie Highway and Lincoln Avenue.

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