Hamilton Allied Corp. See Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co
Hamilton Brewing Co. See Mason Brewery
Hamilton Burying Ground. See Symmes Monument, Sutherland Park and Greenwood Cemetery
Hamilton, City of Sculpture. See City of Sculpture, Hamilton.
Hamilton Corliss Engine Works. See Hooven, Owens, Rentschler Co
Hamilton & Eaton Railroad. See Eaton & Hamilton Railroad Co.
Hamilton-Fairfield Airport. See Butler County Regional Airport-Hogan Field.
Hamilton Farmers Market. See Courthouse Farmers Market
Hamilton Foundation Field. See Foundation Field
Hamilton Foundry Inc. See Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co
Hamilton Iron and Steel Co. See Coke Otto
Hamilton Music Theater. See Rossville Theater
Hamilton Otto Coke Co. See Coke Otto
Hamilton sculpture or Hamilton statue. See American Cape.
Hamilton Union Station. See Union Station
Hamilton Veterans Park. See Veterans Park
Hamilton War Memorial Municipal Coliseum. See War Memorial Municipal Coliseum
Hankinson Farm.  See Pig Monument.
Harris Mill. See Bambo Harris Mill
Hayden Park. See McKie Field at Hayden Park .
Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati. See Fort Hamilton Hospital
High Bank. See City View Heights
Hillcrest Municipal Park or Hillcrest Lodge. See Veterans Park, Hamilton
Historic Courthouse. See Courthouse
History of Wireless Museum or Gray History of Wireless Museum. See Bethany
Hogan Field and Hogan Airport. See Butler County Regional Airport-Hogan Field
Hollow Earth Monument. See Symmes Monument
Homewood. See Belmont-Homewood
Horse Camp, Horse Convalescent Camp or Horse Rehabilitation Camp. See Camp Hamilton
Hot Line Railroad. See Louisville, Cincinnati & Dayton Railroad and See Armco
Houck. See Auburn
House of Seven Chimneys. See Spread Eagle Tavern
Hueston's Tavern. See Hueston House
Hughes Memorial Hospital and Eugene H. Hughes Memorial Hospital for Contagious Diseases. See Fort Hamilton Hospital
Hughes Station. See Hughes
Hydraulic or hydraulic canal. See entries for Hamilton Hydraulic and Middletown Hydraulic
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