Gainesboro or Gainsborough, Warren County. See Kings Mills.
Gandertown. See Auburn.
Gem Theater, Hamilton. See Princess Theater
General Motors Plant. See Fisher Body
George M. Verity Monument.  See Verity Statue.
Glendower, Butler County. See Shandon
Glen Ellen, Oxford Township. See The Hunting Lodge Farm.
Globe Opera House, Hamilton. See Opera House.
Gobbler's Knob. See Belmont-Homewood
The Gothic on Bonham Road. See The Hunting Lodge Farm.
Governmental Service Center. See Butler County Government Services Center.
Grape Vine Railroad. See Louisville, Cincinnati & Dayton Railroad and See Armco.
Gray History of Wireless Museum. See Bethany Station (Voice of America).
Grease Hall, Oxford. See Veterans Village.
Great American Amusement Park at LeSourdsville Lake. See LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park.
Great Miami & Western Railway. See Hamilton Belt Railway Co.
Great Western Powder Company. See Kings Mills
Greater Hamilton Center for Business and Technology Inc. or the BizTech Center. See Hamilton Municipal Building
Green Mansions, Oxford. See Veterans Village
Guilford. See Blue Ball
Gunckel Town. See Germantown
Gwyn and Campbell Carbine Co. See Cosmopolitan Arms Co
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