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Fort Washington

Fort Washington was built in 1789 "to protect early settlements located in the Symmes Purchase," according to an Ohio Historical Society web site. The fort was in modern-day Cincinnati, at first named Losantiville. The OHS said "Josiah Harmar described it as 'one of the most solid substantial wooden fortresses . . . of any in the Western Territory.' The stockade's walls were two stories high with blockhouses located at each corner. The fort was named in honor of President George Washington. In 1790, Harmar used Fort Washington to launch an expedition against Native Americans in northwest Ohio, especially the Miami Indians, whose principal city was Kekionga (modern-day Fort Wayne, Ind.). The fort would serve similar purposes for the remainder of the 1790s until the United States military abandoned it in 1803." (See Miami Purchase, Hamilton County, Cincinnati, Fort Hamilton, Harmar's defeat, St. Clair's defeat, Fort Recovery, Kekionga, Fallen Timbers and Treaty of Greenville.)

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