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Fort Recovery

Fort Recovery is near the intersection of Ohio routes 119 and 49 in the village of Fort Recovery in Mercer County. The army that completed Fort Hamilton Sept. 30, 1791, met disaster at what was later known as Fort Recovery.

A Native American army led by Little Turtle, a Miami chief, defeated Gen. Arthur St. Clair's army Nov. 4, 1791, in a nameless battle at what later became Fort Recovery, near the source of the Wabash River. Most of St. Clair's men were killed or wounded in the Indian attack. In late 1793, Gen. Anthony Wayne sent soldiers to build a four-blockhouse post named Recovery at the site of St. Clair's defeat. It was completed in March 1794 and on June 30 of that year General Wayne's army defeated a huge Indian force. This set the stage for Wayne's final triumph at Fallen Timbers in August 1794. The Ohio Historic Society maintains the Fort Recovery State Memorial, offering a glimpse of the 1790s, featuring two reconstructed blockhouses with connecting stockade, a monument, and a museum. (See Fort Washington, Fort Hamilton, Kekionga, St. Clair's defeat, Greenville Treaty, Greenville Treaty Line and Fallen Timbers.)

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