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Ford Plant

Ford Plant opened in Hamilton in April 1920 to build gas-powered Fordson tractors, which sold for about $700. Tractor work stopped six months later (October 1920) and the plant was retooled to produce wheels for the popular Model T, turning out more than 12 million wheels in the next six years. In 1927, the Hamilton plant began making wheels for the Model A, producing more than 22 million wheels in 10 years. In the late 1930s it manufactured a variety of auto parts, employing 1,500 people on three shifts in the midst of the Depression. During World War II (1941-1945) the plant made parts of bombers. Ford began closing the factory at the north end of North Fifth Street in April 1950 and sold it in February 1951 to the Bendix Aviation Corp. Later it was operated by Ward Manufacturing Company, which produced camping trailers, and Chem-Dyne Corp. (see Chem-Dyne entry).

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