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Ford Airport

Ford Airport In April 1920, the Hamilton Ford plant began operations, producing parts for Fordson tractors. Within months the factory switched to making lock parts and wheels for Ford's popular Model T. With the Ford plant came the Ford Airport on land north of the factory. The airport occupied part of a 500-acre tract south and east of the Great Miami River and west of the waterway of the Hamilton Hydraulic. The Ford airport was east of present North Third Street (U. S. 127) and west of Joe Nuxhall Blvd. The airport opened without fanfare in 1924. Late in November 1929, Ford officials announced the airport would close Dec. 1, 1929, because the entire 500 acres had been leased to farmers. Nearly 11 months after the formal closing, planes were still landing at Ford field. Oct. 18, 1930, a plane carrying Orville Wright and Colonel Edward A. Deeds of Dayton used the field. After closing, an adjacent portion of the Ford tract was still under consideration as the site for a Hamilton municipal airport. Those efforts, led by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, continued into the early 1930s. The campaign was nullified by the Great Depression and the city's choice of the Ford land for new well fields for the Hamilton water system. (Also see Campbell's Island.)

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