Fairfield Community Arts Center. See Village Green
Fairfield Founder's Park. See Founder's Park
Fairfield Greens North Trace. See Fairfield Golf & Community Center
Fairfield Veterans Memorial Park. See Veterans Memorial Park
Fairfield Village Green. See Village Green
Fallen Timbers. See Battle of Fallen Timbers
Family Gardens. See White City Park.
Farmers Market. See Courthouse Farmers Market.
Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC). See Fernald
Fernald Station. See  Fernald
Fertile Valley, Oxford. See Veterans Village.
First Ward Cemetery. See Sutherland Park
Fisher Hall and U. S. S. Fisher Hall. See Oxford Female College
Fitton Wildlife Preserve. See Forest Run Wildlife Preserve
Flockton or Flocton. See Change Bridge
Fontana. See Kyle or Kyle's Station.
Forest Cottage. See Crawford Woods
Fort Coleraine. See Georgetown
Fort St. Clair. See Preble County
Fox, Friend & Co. and Fox & Friend. See Rialto and Crescentville.
Franklin, Warren County. See Franklin Township.
Freedom Christian Center Park. See Thomson Park
Freedom's Voice Reserve. See Bethany Station (Voice of America).
Frog & Switch Company. See American Frog & Switch Co.
Fryman Farm or Felix Fryman Farm. See Austin-Magie Farm and Mill District.
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