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Enoch's Mill

Enoch's Mill was built by David Enoch, who bought land in Sections 23 and 24 of Lemon Township He built a gristmill and sawmill on the Great Miami River about two miles north of Vail's Mill (Middletown) about 1804 and later added a woolen mill and distillery. The complex later was operated by Abner Enoch.

A village (Manchester) was platted April 23, 1827, by Abner Enoch about 2.5 miles north of Middletown. Enoch's Mill included 91 lots and 14 mill sites along the east side of the river. But it was bypassed by both the Miami-Erie Canal and the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad, and fires and floods finally spoiled Enoch's dream of an industrial village. The area is now part of Middletown around the intersection of Tytus Avenue and Enoch Drive.

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