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Elk Creek

Elk Creek flows through Wayne and Madison townships in northern Butler County and empties into the Great Miami River northeast of Trenton. "Frontiersmen gave it the name Elk Creek as they found so many elk roaming the creek's bank," said George Crout. "The giant herd was finally wiped out by pioneer hunters." Crout said Elk Creek is "the principal stream" of Madison Township, "where it is fed by Flag Run from the east and Dry Fork from the west. It reaches up to drain the Jackstown-Astoria area. Its main course crosses Wayne Township, flowing in from Preble County where it originates." Crout also noted that "when the Elk Creek valley was forest covered, the trees and leaves formed a natural retarding basin, making for an even flow of water. It was a dependable mill stream and many industries grew up along banks, the Bambo Harris mill (see Bambo Harris Mill) being the first and most remembered."

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