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Eaton & Hamilton Railroad Co

Eaton & Hamilton Railroad Co. -- also known in its formative stages as the Hamilton & Eaton and the Cincinnati, Hamilton, Eaton & Richmond -- was chartered in Ohio Feb. 8, 1847. In May 1852 the E&H operated 13 miles between Hamilton and Somerville. In May 1853 it connected to the Richmond & Miami, which had built east from Richmond, Ind. Dec. 1, 1854, the E&H and the Richmond & Miami merged under the Hamilton & Eaton name. In 1866 the railroad reorganized as the Cincinnati, Richmond & Chicago RR. Feb. 16, 1869, the CR&C was leased by the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad. From south to north it had Butler County stops or stations at Hamilton, New River (New Miami), Seven Mile, Collinsville and Somerville. In 1886 the Cincinnati & Richmond Railway Co. purchased the Hamilton-to-Richmond line from the CH&D. Feb. 18, 1888, the Cincinnati & Richmond -- a part of the Pennsylvania Railroad -- completed a new line between Cincinnati and Hamilton. From south to north, Butler County lines included Crescentville, Rialto, Port Union, Flockton, Mosler and Hamilton. June 1, 1968, the Pennsylvania and the New York Central merged to form the Penn Central Transportation Co. April 1, 1976, operation of six bankrupt railroads. including the Penn Central, was assumed by Conrail, the Consolidated Rail Corp., formed by Congress. Also April 1, 1976, the Norfolk & Western Railway purchased 98 miles of track between Cincinnati and New Castle, Ind., from Penn Central, including the original route of the Eaton & Hamilton. In December 1980 N&W and the Southern Railway announced plans to consolidate in June 1982 as the Norfolk Southern Corp. (See Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad.)

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