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Doty's Grove

Doty’s Grove during the 19th century, according to Middletown historian George Crout, "was the leading spot for recreational and religious activities" in Middletown. In an Aug. 26, 2000, column in the Middletown Journal, Crout said it was "along the east bank of the canal around the old Doty homestead, erected by the city’s pioneer, Daniel Doty. In 1816 it was a lovely grove along the east banks of the Miami-Erie Canal" at the Doty dock. Crout said "today a small part of it is the grassy area in front of AK General Offices on Curtis Street." He said "there was a bandstand and a platform for dancing. At night, lanterns were hung in the trees for light. Picnics and reunions were held here, along with special events. One end had an ice pond, good for winter ice skating. Fishing was then safe in the canal and many enjoyed that sport," Crout wrote. "People used to swim at the ‘Tumbles’ at the grove, which were part of the spillway at the Doty Lock."
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