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Dick's Mill

Dick's Mill, Dick's Ford or Dick's Crossing was on the Great Miami River in Section 34 of Ross Township. It was first known as Shaw's Ford or Shaw's Crossing after one of the original land owners (1801). It was known as Dick's Crossing after the 1805 sale of the land to Samuel Dick. There was a Dick's Mill Post Office in Ross Township from Jan. 15, 1819, until July 31, 1834, when the post office was moved to Venice (Ross). It was moved after the first Venice Bridge was built southwest of Dick's Mill. According to Mrs. Alta Harvey Heiser, the mill was built for Dick by Jacob Hyde "on the river below the mouth of Indian Creek" and, "with many improvements, operated for 75 years." She said "the first building was of hickory logs, and the grinding apparatus was of the corn-cracker type." Another mill owned by Dick was built and operated by Jesse Monroe in 1818 on Indian Creek, more than a mile below Millville. "Here, with one saw, Mr. Monroe turned out 4,706 feet of plank in 12 hours," said Mrs. Heiser.

There was another Dick's Mill on Indian Creek. "At an early date, probably 1810, David Dick built a gristmill and sawmill at Reily," reported Mrs. Alta Harvey Heiser in Hamilton in the Making. "He also a had a carding machine.

In 1836 this was Lewis Enyart's Mill. Under various owners it continued to run until the 1880s."

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