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Delorac's Ferry

Delorac's Ferry, or the Upper Ferry on the Great Miami River, was owned by Michael Delorac. It connected Hamilton and Rossville (founded in 1804).

Based on the present street system, the ferry would have linked Dayton Street on the east bank with Wayne Avenue on the west. Delorac also had a two-story wood-frame tavern or inn in Rossville. He operated the ferry from about 1805 or 1806 until 1821, two years after the first bridge opened near the site of the present High-Main Street Bridge. The Lower Ferry, also called Tolbert's Ferry, ran between present High Street in Hamilton and Ross Avenue, then in Rossville. Rates for Delorac's Ferry in 1814 included 25 cents for a four-horse team loaded; 12.5 cents for a two-horse team; and six cents for a man and his horse.

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