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Debbysville or Debbyville was a community planned as a canal port by William Murray in the area around the present intersection of High Street and Erie Highway in Hamilton. The town -- named after Mrs. Murray -- was intended to the main port in the region for the Miami-Erie Canal, replacing Hamilton and Rossville as commercial and shipping centers. Hamilton in 1826 was about a mile west of the canal, which was being built between Middletown and Cincinnati. Hamilton civic leaders, with help from their counterparts in Rossville, combined to persuade the state to build the mile-long Hamilton Basin, a branch waterway which enabled canalboats to load and unload in the center of Hamilton (originally as far west as South Third and Court streets).

Debbysville was platted Nov. 13, 1826, in the southwest part of Section 32 of Fairfield Township, but Murray's plan failed to materialize because of the Hamilton Basin. which connected to the main canal via a lock located at present Erie Highway about midway between High Street and Maple Avenue.

Murray's plat was vacated in 1837.

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