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Crescentville was mostly in Hamilton County and also in Section 32 in West Chester Township on the Butler-Hamilton county line. It was at the intersection of the Miami-Erie Canal and the Pennsylvania Railroad (Cincinnati-Richmond Railroad), which is now part of the Norfolk Southern. A post office served the community from July 5, 1888, until Feb. 15, 1911. An 1892 certificate issued by the postmaster general indicates that the Crescentville post office was in Butler County. Crescentville was the location of the Crescent Paper Co., built by C. W. Friend and George F. Fox, owners of a paper mill in Lockland. "In 1869 Friend and Fox bought five acres in Union Township about where Crescentville Road now crosses over I-75," said Virginia Shewalter in A History of Union Township (1979). "This is almost exactly where the canal crossed the line into Hamilton County. Friend and Fox built Crescent Mill on the east side of the canal. The mill manufactured roofing material and wrapping paper at the rate of 6,000 pounds in 24 hours."

She said "the village of Crescentville was in Hamilton County. So was the lock, but part of the millrace and most of the mill lay in Union Township.

This mill burned down. All traces of the canal, lock, millrace and mill were obliterated when the superhighway I-75 was constructed." The paper mill, which was rebuilt after an 1895 fire, is believed to have operated until the late 1920s. That portion of Crescentville within Hamilton County was annexed to Sharonville in 1960. (Also see Rialto and Rialto Lock for more details on the Fox & Friend Paper Co.)

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