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College Township

College Township was the popular name for the area which became the basis for Oxford Township The name was in common use between April 1803 and the formation of Oxford Township Aug. 5, 1811, by Butler County commissioners.

The Ohio General Assembly April 15, 1803 -- six weeks after Ohio statehood -- appointed Jacob White, Jeremiah Morrow and William Ludlow as commissioners to select a college township. The College Township, explained the 1882 county history, included the 36 sections of Oxford Township, "except Section 25 and the west half Sections 11, 14 and 24, which had been sold previous to the location (of the college tract); and to supply their place, Sections 30 and 31 in Milford Township and the west half of Section 6 in Hanover Twp." John Cleves Symmes had been expected to reserve a full township within his Miami Purchase (north of the Ohio River between the Great Miami and Little Miami rivers) for the financial support of an academy or college, but he failed to meet that obligation. "To satisfy the settlers for this claim, Congress March 3, 1803, empowered Ohio to select the equivalent of a township from the public lands," said C. E. Sherman in Original Ohio Land Subdivisions. "The township thus selected by the state authorities lies entirely outside the Symmes Purchase and outside the district between the Miamis," Sherman noted.

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