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Coffee Mill House

Coffee Mill House, 410 East High Street, Oxford, was built by Samuel R. Mollyneaux, a native of Ireland, who came to Oxford about 1837, according to Ophia D. Smith in Old Oxford Houses and the People Who Lived in Them. He "was a flamboyant merchant" and "active in village affairs," according to Mrs. Smith. "In 1846 Samuel bought lots on East High Street, across from the [Miami University] campus, at the tax collector's sale. About 1852 he built a comfortable house designed for a family of four daughters and one son." "In 1883 the First Presbyterian Church of Oxford bought the house, and it "functioned as a manse until it was purchased by the Westminister Foundation in 1956," she explained. "It was then extensively remodeled to serve as a center for Presbyterian students. In 1967, the Westminister Foundatiuon merged with the United Christian Ministry, going back to the old Stoddard House. In 1973 Miami University purchased the old Coffee Mill House," a name attributed to its appearance. Because of its use for about 73 years, it also is known as the Old Manse.

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