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Chrisholm Historic Farmhouse

Chrisholm Historic Farmhouse, an historic homestead on the Augspurger farm in Madison Township, became part of the MetroParks system in 1995. The 17-acre site is on Woodsdale Road, southwest of Trenton. The original Chrisholm, a stone house, was built by Christian Augspurger after he bought 250 acres in 1829. He died in 1848 and the family home, then owned by a son, Samuel, burned in 1873. Samuel Augspurger replaced it in 1874 with the present brick structure. Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company (now Cinergy) bought the Augspurger farm in 1989 for its Woodsdale Generating Station. CG&E didn't need the tract containing the homestead and joined the Friends of Chrisholm, a citizen restoration committee, and other local groups in preserving Chrisholm and its Pennsylvania-style bank barn. CG&E donated the historic property to the Butler County park system in July 1995. Also see Woodsdale, Augspurger and Woodsdale Regional Park.

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