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Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville Railroad

Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville Railroad -- with tracks through western Butler County -- conducted business under several names. In the planning stages, 1900-03, it was the Cincinnati, Richmond & Muncie Railroad (CR&M) and the Chicago & Cincinnati Railroad (C&C). The CR&M abbreviation suggested a nickname, "Crooked, Rough and Muddy." June 1, 1903, the same day track laying began in Butler County, it was part of a consolidation named the Chicago, Cincinnati & Louisville Railroad (CC&L).

From Cincinnati to Chicago, it served Richmond, Muncie, Peru, Merrillville and Hammond in Indiana. There were three stops or stations in Butler County -- Shandon, Okeana and Newkirk -- between Fernald in Hamilton County and Peoria, Ind.

Feb. 7, 1904, service began through Butler County. Service over the 284.5 miles between Cincinnati and Chicago started April 7, 1907.

June 23, 1910, after more than two years in receivership, the CC&L was sold to the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. of Indiana, effective July 2, 1910. The line was transferred Oct. 1, 1934, from the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. of Indiana to its parent company, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. In July 1978 the former CC&L route between Cheviot (west of Cincinnati) and Fernald (near the Butler County line) was abandoned.

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