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Chaw Raw Hill

Chaw Raw Hill, overlooking Four Mile Creek, owes its name to a legendary wilderness incident in what is now Oxford. Colonel Samuel Beeler, a Virginian via Kentucky, entered Section 25 in Oxford Township on Four Mile Creek before the boundaries were set for the college township. When the Beeler group arrived on the land, according to Ophia D. Smith in Old Oxford Houses, "they had heard that Indians were roaming around in the neighborhood. It was late, they were tired and hungry. They decided not to cross the creek until morning. While some gathered firewood, the colonel went out and killed a wild turkey," said Mrs. Smith. "They decided not to light the fire; the smoke might betray them to any Indians around. The colonel was so hungry he pulled a leg off the turkey and ate it raw. 'Buffalo Bob' (Robert Taylor), upon hearing the story, named the hill on which the Beelers had encamped 'Chaw Raw Hill'." David T. Jones, in a map in The Story of the Oxford Vicinity, places Chaw Raw Hill near the line dividing Oxford and Milford townships. (Also see the entry for Collins Mill.)

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