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Butler County Regional Airport-Hogan Field

Butler County Regional Airport - Hogan Field. In 1929, C. R. Muhlberger (spelled Muhlenberger in a city directory and Muhlberg elsewhere) leased 115 acres of farm land from Robert Shank and Al Seevers along White City Park Road, a mile east of Dixie Highway, for "a commercial flying field." That was the start of what would become the Butler County Regional Airport-Hogan Field on Bobmeyer Road on the Hamilton-Fairfield border.

Flights are believed to have begun the first week in April 1929. In 1932, ownership passed to the Hogan family. Joseph Hogan had started flying lessons under Muhlberger in 1929 and in April 1930 made his first solo flight. Joseph Hogan and three brothers -- Bernie, Art and Bill -- operated the airport as Hamilton Airport for 50 years. Aug. 31, 1984, the Hogans sold the 256-acre airport to Butler County and the cities of Hamilton and Fairfield. The purchase totaled nearly $2.5 million with $1.7 million provided by a FAA grant, and included a pledge of additional federal funds for airport upgades. It was renamed the Hamilton-Fairfield Airport, under the control of a newly-created Butler County Regional Airport Authority, with the Hogans as operators until 1989. July 13, 1999, the airport authority dissolved and transferred the property to the Butler County commissioners. The commission changed the name to Butler County Regional Airport to reflect its broader role in county-wide economic development. In 2002, Hogan descendants and airport users petitioned to add Hogan to its designation. County commissioners agreed to lengthen the name to Butler County Regional Airport-Hogan Field, and signage was revised in March 2003.

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