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Burch Spring

Burch Spring, Tylersville Road, West Chester Twp.

"The Burch Spring, once so noted, now abandoned, was dug on the Deerfield Road on land now owned by Harvey Webb, about 1860," said the History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio, Illustrated, Western Biographical Publishing Co., Cincinnati, 1882 (reproduction edition by Butler County Historical Society, 1971), p. 582.

"The well was sunk to the depth of 75 feet, when water flowed in a torrent, filling the well about half immediately, and scarcely giving a chance for the men to get out. It was believed that an underground river had been struck. The sides fell in, until there was apparently a subterranean lake of water, which to save next drew attention, and during the next spring, rocks and logs were hauled in large quantities and dumped in, but when the cavity was filled the well was lost, and these is nothing there now save a great depression to mark the once great well," said the 1882 history.

Deerfield Road was later renamed Tylersville Road. Exact location of the spring is unknown.