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Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is an unincorporated community in Section 26 in Reily Township on Indian Creek at the present intersection of Stahlheber and Reily-Millville roads. The name recalls the June 17, 1775, battle of the American Revolution on Bunker Hill in Charlestown in Boston, Mass. The first home is believed to have been built in the Butler County settlement about 1803 or 1804. It also was the site of a mill and a tavern, whose owner is thought to have selected the name. Robert Denny built an undershot sawmill there in about 1808 or 1809, and a school opened there in 1809. Its original name is believed to have been Jersey Town. A post office was established as Bunker Hill June 21, 1852, and, with some interruptions, continued until July 31, 1906. It also was called Dog Town after a notorious fight among farmers' dogs or because of the large number of dogs in the area. According to the 1882 county history, "it is said that Bunker Hill was called Dog Town because, when the place first began to assume the proportions of a village, a fierce dog fight took place at Kinsey's Mill, hence the result. Other names associated with the town have been Kinsey's Mill, after John Kinsey, who is believed to have owned the first mill there, and Schudder's or Scudder's Mill, after a later owner. The first gristmill in the community is believed to have been built about 1820 for Kinsey by James Nelson and Robert Nelson, said the 1882 county history, which describes it as "on the south side of the road, a hundred feet above the iron bridge." Later owners of the mill included John Scudder, Obadiah Welliver and Samuel Haslet.

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