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Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary

Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary, a responsibility of the Hamilton Department of Parks and Recreation, is an 18.4-acre marsh-like area off Campbell Drive, north of Fordson Heights. It was dedicated in 1972 "to promote nature appreciation as well as a haven for birds and small wildlife," said a department report. The area "is blessed with diverse vegetational communities and flowing water" and is accessible via wood-chip walkways. The report said "the vegetational cover varies from grass floodplains and marsh to swamp and fringing hardwood forest." The sanctuary once was part of the Hamilton Hydraulic (see separate entry) and, after that water-power system fell into disuse, was known as the Mud Bar or Mud Flats. It was a popular public ice skating area into the 1950s. The sanctuary is one of more than 50 areas administered by the Hamilton Department of Parks and Recreation.

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