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Bethel Chapel

Bethel Chapel, a landmark church, was formed June 24, 1815, in Hanover Township near the present intersection of Reily-Millville and Woodbine roads.

It also was known as Indian Creek Church from 1815 to 1818. The 1882 county history said the chapel "stands on the Reily Pike, about two miles and a half above Millville, very nearly on the line which separates Sections 31 and 32, equally distant from the east and west side. An old tollgate formerly stood opposite the church. When people first began to assemble here, along in the '20s and '30s, they brought their dinners with them, and put in the day attending divine worship. The site of Bethel Chapel was selected because, at that time, there were no Presbyterian churches for miles in all directions.

From Venice came the Wades, Butterfields, Hungerfords, Willeys, Clarks, Dicks, Andersons and others; from the direction of Hamilton came the Kumlers, Wickards, Moores, Emericks, Timbermans; from the north, the Grays, Wards, Stephenses, Bradys and dozens more" and "from Paddy's Run came the people of that enterprising community in great number." The 1882 history said "services were often held in distant farmhouses, at the bidding of a score of members."

The chapel was abandoned in 1873 after Presbyterian churches were built in Venice (Ross), Reily and Millville. The name Bethel went with the Millville church which was "principally an addition to the old schoolhouse" with the Ross and Hanover townships dividing line passing through its northwest corner.