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Benninghofen, or C. & P. Benninghofen Addition, was shown in the Butler County Atlas and Pictorial Review, 1914, published by the Republican Publishing Co., as a village plat or addition to Lindenwald. It was bounded on the north by Tiffin Avenue, on the south by St. Mary's Cemetery, on the west by Pleasant Avenue and extended east as much as four and a half blocks, or beyond Putnam Avenue. Also included are the present streets of Foster, Madison, Van Hook, Chase, Corwin, Hayes, Allen, Noyes, Brough, St. Clair and Bishop. The plat was recorded April 27, 1903. Christian Benninghofen and Peter Benninghofen were among several persons listed as owners of the property. Also see entry for Lindenwald.

Benninghofen Park in Lindenwald was, the Hamilton Republican-News said, the "beautiful gift of Chris and Peter Benninghofen to the people of that suburb (Lindenwald) and to the people of Hamilton," officially donated with a band concert and ceremonies Sunday, June 21, 1914.

It now is Benninghofen Playground at Noyes and Van Hook avenues.