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Belt Junction

Belt Junction or Belt Line Junction is on Hamilton's West Side at the intersection of the former Belt Line Railroad (serving Champion's Hamilton Mill) and the CSX Hamilton-Indianapolis mainline. The rail junction is between Millville Avenue and Kenworth Avenue. Also see Edgewood. The 2.95-mile Hamilton Belt Railway Company was incorporated April 30, 1896, to operate "within the commercial limits of Hamilton." Later it was known as the Hamilton Belt Line Railroad, whose board of directors included officers of the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton and Cincinnati, Hamilton & Indianapolis railroads and Hamilton businessmen, Peter G. Thomson of Champion; Robert N. Shotts, a lawyer; Conrad M. Semler of the Semler Milling Company; and John A. Weigel of the Stengel Manufacturing Company. The original Belt Line looped north from the Indianapolis mainline across what is now Main Street and Haldimand Avenue, then east across Eaton Avenue and Cleveland Avenue, and then southwest across North B Street and Black Street, ending at the Semler mill at 234 North B Street. Now the track ends at Champion's Hamilton Mill. The first carload of paper was hauled from Champion over the Belt Line in November 1898. (See Hamilton Belt Railway Co. and Junction Railroad)

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