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Belmont-Homewood usually is considered as one area, but are separate plats, recorded more than 13 years apart, in the Butler County recorder's office. It is an unincorporated residential area along Tuley Road, southwest of Tylersville Road and northwest of the Hamilton-Fairfield Regional Airport in Sections 30 and 36 in Fairfield Township It is surrounded by the City of Hamilton on three sides. The area also has been called Gobbler's Knob, or just the Knob, a nickname also applied to Appalachian neighborhoods in other regions. The origin of the name is uncertain, but one legend is that a preacher (or preachers), and possibly the congregation, spoke so fast during highly-spirited services that the sounds from the church resembled turkeys gobbling.

The plat for Belmont (Section 36) was recorded in April 1927 and includes Parkamo Avenue, Pater Avenue, Imlay Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Lenox Avenue, Tuley Road, Allstatter Avenue, Cornell Avenue, and Alston Avenue.

Homewood (Section 30) was platted in July 1940 and includes Imlay Avenue, Belmont Avenue, Lenox Avenue, Exeter Street, Concord Street, Milton Street and Harvard Avenue.

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