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Beedle Station

Beedle Station -- also known as Beedle's Station and Beedle's Blockhouse -- was the first frontier settlement in Warren County after the signing of the Greenville Indian Treaty in 1795. It's location was at about the present intersection of Ohio routes 63 and 741. William Beedle and his wife Esther and their five adult children and their families were the first to settle in Warren County. They moved north from Cincinnati with a survey company led by Captain John Dunlap on Harmar's Trace. In late September 1795, the Beedle family settled on a high point four miles west of present Lebanon and about two miles south of Union Village (now Otterbein Homes). They built a blockhouse, Beedle Station, that stood until 1836. Some sources spell the name Bedle or Bedel. The name is spelled Bedle in Henry Howe's 1888 book, Howe's Historical Collections of Ohio, volume 2. Howe said "about the time of its [Beedle's] settlement, however, or not long after, William Mounts and five others established Mounts' Station on a broad and fertile bottom on the south side of the Little Miami, about three miles below the mouth of Todd's Fork, building their cabins in a circle around a spring as a protection against the Indians." The Warren County Genealogical Society web site said Mounts Station was built in 1795 in what is now Salem Twp. in the southeastern quarter of Warren County.