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Bambo Harris Mill

Bambo Harris Mill was on the east bank of Elk Creek near Miltonville in what is now Section 18 in Madison Township. It was operated by Harris, a free black man, and is regarded as the first gristmill in Butler County, opening about 1800.

"It is impossible to learn who were the first owners of much of the land in Butler County west of the Miami because of carelessness about recording deeds," noted Mrs. Alta Harvey Heiser in a 1942 newspaper column. 

"Harris operated the mill successfully for over a half century and became one of the area's best known and respected citizens," said George Crout. "He was a member in good standing of the Prairie Baptist Church. When he died, his friends gathered at the little country church to pay him honor, and he still rests in the village cemetery on the hill at Miltonville."

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