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Anderson's Ferry

Anderson's Ferry on the Great Miami River was operated by Isaac Anderson from Section 23 of Ross Township on the west bank and connected with a community in Section 15 of Fairfield Township on the east bank. The Fairfield area was known at various times as Black Bottom, Fairplay, Hart's Block, Alston's Mill and Graham's Mill. Anderson, who was born in Ireland in 1758, the youngest of 13 children, came to the American colonies as a 14-year-old orphan. After rigorous service in the colonial army during the American Revolution, he resided in Pennsylvania before coming to Cincinnati in the winter of 1795-96. When the government began selling land west of the Great Miami River in 1801, Anderson purchased a section north of the mouth of Indian Creek, a spot through which he had passed in August 1781 as a prisoner after surviving the Lochry massacre on the Ohio River. The 1882 history of Butler County said Anderson moved his family to a farm on this land in 1812 and operated the ferry in addition to farming. He died there Dec. 18, 1839, at the age of 81.
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