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Amanda is an unincorporated community in Lemon Township, south of Middletown. It was laid out in 1827 on the newly-built Miami-Erie Canal by Robert Coddington and Samuel Dickey. Later, the town also was an important grain center and the first stop south of Middletown on the Louisville, Cincinnati & Dayton Railroad, according to a November 1887 LC&D schedule. The railroad -- which never reached any of the cities in its name -- ran between Middletown and Hamilton. Stations or stops listed on its 1887 timetable, from south to north, were Hamilton, Fairgrounds, Sheleys, Woodsdale, Rockdale, LeSourdsville, Excello, Amanda and Middletown. The LC&D also was known as the "Long, Crooked & Dirty" and the "Pumpkin Vine" for its curving route.

Some sources say Amanda was named after Samuel Dickey's daughter, Amanda. But Robert Dickey Oglesby, a direct descendant of the Dickey family, offers a different interpretation. He wrote that "the town is said to have been so named by Adam (Dickey) in honor of his wife, or by Samuel in honor of his mother, the same thing, of course, with which the author agrees. But since that name does not correspond with her actual name, they may have chosen it as a tribute to her, for its meaning as derived from the Latin, which is 'worthy to be loved'." George Crout notes that in later years the Amanda post office was called Excello. For more information, read A History of the Amanda Community by Robert E. Arnett (1976). Another Amanda was planned in Reily Township, but it never materialized (see Richville). Elsewhere in Ohio, there is an Amanda in Fairfield County on U. S 22 between Circleville and Lancaster.

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