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In which I get a quote on the Radio

posted 2 Nov 2010, 16:18 by David Godfrey   [ updated 2 Nov 2010, 16:29 ]
Recently I have taken to listening to BBC 6Music, so when they were having a discussion about the internet and how it effects the brain on Nemone's show I was naturally very interested, so I decided to email a comment it in about the question of is the internet making us stupid. I sent in the following "Not so much the way we think, it just increases laziness, the one trait that humans will never shake off!", I didn't think there was much chance of it getting read out but less than 5 minutes later it got read out, you can hear a chunk of the discussion from the attachments section and 55 seconds in you can hear my comment! I was fairly chuffed with it, should I try to get another comment read out? I think so, the game is on!

The Landy Mann

David Godfrey,
2 Nov 2010, 16:29