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ALICE Training
Sierra Vista AZ
July 29th 2017

ALICE Training
Sierra Vista AZ
May 20th

ALICE Training
Sierra Vista AZ
March 11

Church Safety & Security Training
Sierra Vista AZ
January 5th 2017

ALICE Training
Sierra Vista AZ
January 29th 2017

ALICE Training
Mesa AZ
January 28th 2017

"a better way to do ministry training"

Past Conferences

 E6 Training Presents:
Training Institute
ALICE is the #1 Active Shooter Civilian Response Training for all Organizations.
ALICE created a House of Worship training to: 
• Maximize Survival of congregants, staff, volunteers and leadership 
• Provide Accountability by documenting completed training and preparation 
• Reduce Liability by implementing and training in alignment with state and federal standards of care for violent intruder event
COST $15
Early Registration offer $10 (if paid by 9-23-2016)
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Printed Material
  • ALICE Lecture
  • ALICE Hands on Training
  • Landmark Protection "Beyond ALICE"

Advanced Church Security Training 
Behavioral Detection, Physical Interdiction, 
Church Security/State-of-the-Ministry Report
Saturday Sep 21st 2013 @ 8:30AM SHARP to 3PM 
(Continental Breakfast & Lunch Provided)
22nd Street Baptist Church, Tucson AZ
Landmark Protection
Liberty Practical Training

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What is E6?
"E6 partners with the experts 
and brings them to YOU!"

E6 refers to Ephesians chapter 6 in the Bible where God grants us His spiritual armor and also tells us to do something with it.


Eph 6:10 "Put on the full armor of God"
Why would He tell us to put it on if He didn't intend for us to use it?  We hear often that "God will take care of this situation", "He will protect us from" this or that bad thing. 
While we believe the Scriptures are true, we tend to use that as an excuse to not take action.
Think about Nehemiah!  Here was a man whom God used to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem! 
In Nehemiah 4:9 "But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night..."  
Was he not trusting God by setting a guard? What about the wall?  They could have said "We're trusting God to save us" and then left the wall unfinished.
 "Confusion continually occurs when we try to do what God alone can do and try to persuade ourselves that God will do what we alone can do." ~ Oswald Chambers
That means in church we are to be DOING things physically, practically and spiritually to protect and guard the ministry He has given us charge of His church. 
We need to take action!
So why E6 Training? 
Currently there is a problem getting high quality, practical training into the average church. With conferences it's like trying to take a drink from a fire hose and you won't remember half of it!  They are expensive, time consuming and you have the daunting task of training your team when it's over.  

The internet is a good tool but you can't get the real people/experts there to talk with or in some cases physically train with.    

With all of these venues you have people trying to commercialize and sell you things that you probably don't have a need for.
We partner with the experts, find a local venue and bring you together in a very affordable and efficient event. 
2-8 hour training available!
Some current topics include Church Security, Youth Ministry, Counseling, HR, Financial Prevention, Board Member Training, etc.
How about we bring training to you?  
Call us 520-609-2216 :)