Pathfinder High School has been assigned their new name..."District 12."  Hard at work, students were able to mimic District 12 from the movie Hunger Games by designing a coal mining float and reenacting the roles of Peeta and Katniss in a chariot of fire.  Way to go Pathfinder!

How can math be fun?  Well sign up, and come join the excitement here at Pathfinder High School and we’ll show you what it’s all about.  We are committed to meeting the needs of our diverse learners, and with smaller class sizes we are able to give the one-on-one attention that all students deserve.  Pictured here in Math I, Garrett Middleton throws a puffer fish for points.  Mathematically speaking, this is only a small fraction of how we make learning fun!

Math is real, and with math we have the ability to solve many of life’s complexities.  With our new invigorating curriculum and approaches to learning, we’ve been able to make learning adventurous.  Today our curriculum is available online at http://www.mathematicsvisionproject.org/ where students have access to notes and assignments.  Even you, as community members can view some of the new standards based curriculum.  Give it a shot!  Look it up and practice some of the activities.  Touch up some of those math skills and find out just how meaningful math can be. 

My name is Ely Sixbey and I am new to Pathfinder this year.  My passion for Mathematics stems from educators who have inspired me and who have challenged me on all levels.  I am very committed to reaching out to our students and giving back to our community.  I feel our community is a direct reflection of mentorship and the quality of education that we provide as educators.  I am excited to be  part of the new addition here at Pathfinder High School and look forward to being part of our growing community.

Ely Sixbey

Pathfinder High School
307-335-7050 ext. 2359