Media Coverage

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Rowing Norway was lucky enough to get some media coverage on our way. Follow the links to read or listen to our story.

Expedition Summary

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To our friends and followers of this blog: The expedition is finished - just in case you were wondering. We are very proud to say that we covered nearly a 100 kilometers in just three days, and that we would have continued if the weather conditions allowed for us to do so. Below are a summary of highlights:
  • Day 0
    • Learning about the history of these beautiful boats, and understanding their importance for local communities made us appreciate them even more. Bringing letters from near and far; responding to medical emergencies; fishery; commerce, and general transport - the oselver connected people and made it possible to settle and live on the islands and in the fjords of western Norway. 
  • Day 1
    • A fantastic summer day, and within an hour we were visited by two hunting harbour porpoises. And then by another pair an hour later.
    • Rosendal, one of the most beautiful places in the world.
    • Bringing the boat from 1854 and a previous owner together 
  • Day 2
    • The weather change, and the fact that the boats handled the weather conditions better than our motorized support boat.
    • Seeking port of refuge near Årsnes, in an abandoned (we hope) boat house.
    • The heroism of those who actually managed to cover more than a marathon distance on water in rough conditions.
    • The beer, food and hospitality at Hardingasete after spending a whole day in the boats.
  • Day 3
    • Visiting Fartøyvernsenteret in Norheimsund. Learning even more of the importance of the boats and the fjords (the highways of the past...).
    • A generous barbecue with self-caught mackerel.
    • Setting off against the currents around for our midnight leg. 
  • Day 4
    • Collapsing at our camping site at 9 am (for most, some the lucky ones went to bed at 7:30 am).
    • Catching a 2.5 kilo trout with a combined technique of German fishing skills and Norwegian madness (What do you do when the trout lets go of the lure? You jump after it, of course).
    • Tysnesfest. What a party, and what a crew! 
  • Day 5
    • Arriving in beautiful Bergen.
    • Celebrating our wins and losses.
  • Day 6
    • Visiting the Fish Market and Mount Ulriken.
    • Farewell dinner at the Godvik house.
  • Day 7
    • Departure for some, other things in store for others...


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At the Fartøyvernsenter  in Norheimsund we were shown how our boats were built. Anders and Jacob, from Denmark and Sweden, respectively, are key to uphold this very Norwegian tradition. We truly enjoyed our time in Norheimsund, maybe also because it was a welcome break from the rowing.
Photo: Clive Eley

A Tough Decision

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After fighting the waves, winds and currents for two consecutive days, the group was exhausted. Even with our reinforcements coming to Våge, the weather forecast forced us to end the expedition half way through.  We are all gutted, but it was the only responsible decision. 

Still, the team covered nearly 100 kilometers (60 miles) in three days. We are extremely proud of what we achieved.
Photo: Clive Eley

A Near Death Experience - For Some

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After the midnight collapse we were pulled by our hero, Bjarne Fagerli, to safe surroundings at Sagholmen. The crew were in their sleeping bags at 9am.
Photo: Clive Eley

Midnight Rowing

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Two hours into our midnight leg we started realising that this was just too hard. Four hours later we had to seek refuge and call for help, as the waves and the currents were working against us. A beautiful and rough experience...

Never Online

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The fjords of Norway are beautiful,  but the topographic conditions are not good for connectivity. We have not been able to update the blog as often as we wanted, but that is mainly due to the fact that we had to row every time we were awake. 

This was not any of us...

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Fighting the Elements

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The beautiful Monday was soon forgotten. Heavy wind, rains and currents made the departure from Rosendal rough on everyone.  The crew showed their strength and persistence and got the boats to safety After a warm lunch, the boats were rowed north towards Hardingasete. 

40 kilometres later we arrived at our destination,  two hours after schedule. We are tired, and our bodies suffer.

Day 1 - A Moment of Clarity

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After the teams were selected, we started a race towards the old candy shop.Inv excelled in the art of covering distance without making any progress. After a short strategy chat we set out east, and five minutes in we were introduced to the first pair of whales, a beautiful pair of harbour porpoises. 

After this fantastic start, fatigue slowly worked itself into the upper body and brains. With an initial goal to cover Tysnes-Uskedalen in three hours, the first boat made it in just under five.

Lunch was served courtesy of Mr Aasmund Lilleaas and the local supermarket. Invigorated and rejuvenated we regrouped and set out with the task of delivering mail in the old mail boat. 

Rosendal met us in all its splendour, and we are now enjoying the afterglow of a great dinner and a walk around the best scenery Norway has on offer. 32 kilometers today, tomorrow we will do 40 - blisters or not. Realising that we have 218 kilometers to go, we feel like we have bitten off  more than we can chew...

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