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Strengthening Landcare in Western Australia - a Brighter Future

WALN hosted it's 2nd Community Landcare Forum on Friday 20 May at Fairbridge Village in Pinjarra. Over 50 hands-on landcarers, planners and policy makers participated and contributed to discussions and presentations. Few parliamentarians were also present and contributed with insights on best engagement tips. Read more:


Fairbridge Village

See the Forum 2016 Flyer  for more details

Welcome to Country by Fairbridge elder Koodah Cornwall

Multiple land users. Panel discussion with Colma Keating, Mary Gray, Jim Adams and Julian Sharp

Shark Tank. Pat Hart (Chair -SERCUL), John Holley (State NRM Office) and Neil Blake (Department of Environment) explaining how to maximise funding opportunities
(Photo by Aruni Jayasekera)

  Thelma Crook - Value of NRM partnerships

                David Gossage - Recovery from the devastation of Waroona fires

    Blair Darvill - Coastal knowledge
     Les Wallam - Story of Roelands Village  

Jill Richardson (Chair) outlining WALN strategic direction  (Photo by Aruni Jayasekera)

Advocacy and Influence panel. Jamie Wilkinson from Cannings Purple ( on engagement with politicians in the digital age. Watch video 

Advocacy & Influence - Practical application.mp4

Keith Bradby on environmental lobbying

Rachel Walmsley - 20 million trees

Andrea Salmond - Power of community landcare Paulina Wittwer - 30 years of Landcare