N3FYI Systems

System Alert: New 446.475 Site in Pine Grove, PA now online!

UHF Simulcast Repeater

Auto-Select (Simulcasted): 446.475- PL 114.8

Just key up on one frequency, the system will automatically choose the best receiver and transmitter based on your location!

Echolink Node: N3FYI-R - 446475

Allstar Node: 289890

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Motorola MTR-2000 Repeater, TPL UHF Amplifier, Trimble GPSDO, RTCM Interface, Cellwave 6c Duplexer

IP Data Connection

Pine Grove

Now Online as of 7/22/22!

Motorola MTR-2000 Repeater, Trimble GPSDO, RTCM Interface, Telewave 4c Duplexer

4G LTE Data Connection

Honey Brook

Construction Scheduled for Q4-2022

Motorola MTR-2000 Repeater

Trimble GPSDO, RTCM Interface

Reesers Summit

Motorola MTR-2000 Repeater

Trimble GPSDO, RTCM Interface

VHF Repeaters

Truce 220 Repeater

224.320- PL 114.8

TYT 220mhz TX & RX Radios

Cellwave 4c Duplexer

CAT Controller

Truce 2M Repeater

145.310- PL 118.8

Motorola MTR-2000 Primary

Kenwood TKR-750 Secondary

TPL Amplifier

Telewave TPRD-1556 Duplexer

SCOM 7330 Controller

Truce 6M Repeater

53.850- PL 114.8

APRS Nodes

N3FYI-1 - Rawlinsville Site Weather Station

N3FYI-5 - Northern PA Weather Station - Tioga, PA

N3FYI-9 - N3FYI's Work Truck Tracker

N3FYI-10 - Solar Portable Repeater (JDE)

N3FYI-11 - Solar Portable Repeater (HAM)

ADS-B Flight Tracking Receiver

1090mhz Mode-S and 978mhz UAT

Our tower facilities also host a high-profile FlightAware/FlightRadar24 ADS-B Receiver for relaying flight data from aircraft to the internet in realtime.

See our statistics here: https://flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user/n3fyi#stats-144235

Live Weather Conditions