Nutrition Guidelines

Lanakila Wellness Policy

To encourage healthy choices at our school and for our students, please observe the following:
  • NO NUTS Please 
  • Any food with sugar listed as the first ingredient is not allowed at school
  • Snacks must have less than 8 grams of sugar...therefore cakes, candies, cookies etc. are not allowed on campus.  
  • Snacks or class treats that do not follow the wellness policy will be returned.
  • Non-edible treats are encouraged for birthdays and holidays (e.g., pencils, erasers).
  • Snacks brought to school should be in snack size portions.
  • Healthy snack suggestions: 100 calorie snack packs, pretzels, crackers, vegetable sticks, fruits...
  • Any snacks or treats for any special occasions must be checked at the office. 
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!