Syllabus/Grading Policy/Supply List

Teacher:                   Mrs. Waidknecht 


Course Description7th Grade Social Studies

Office hours & Contact Information

§  I hold office hours Tuesday and Thursday 7:40-8:10 a.m. 

§  If you have any questions or concerns please call the Page office at 248-589-3428 and leave a message or e-mail me at Your call/e-mail will be returned as soon as possible. 

§  Instagram: mrs_waidknecht

§  Twitter: @MrsWaidknecht



The seventh grade social studies curriculum content is a study of the Eastern and Western Hemisphere.  This course covers the areas of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, Canada and Oceania. Students study in detail the essential elements of geography: world in spatial terms, places and regions, physical systems, environment and society. This course places great emphasis on the characteristics and uses various types of maps, globes and other geographic tools.  Students will study the various governments, cultures and religions throughout the world.  There is also an emphasis on the impact that man has on the environment, and the consequences of that impact.


 Course Description: 8th Grade American History

In 8th grade, we stress an analytical study of our nation’s history, beginning with Independence from Britain, and culminating with the period of Reconstruction after our nation’s greatest internal tragedy- The Civil War over slavery. Our curriculum is structured to help students paint a background of knowledge to help them gain a more tangible appreciation for the sites and ideals they can gain access to with our spring trip to Washington, D.C. Underlying all of this content is culminating preparation for the roles and responsibilities they will need to assume in their college education.

Student Responsibilities:


ü  Arrive on time for class

ü  Bring required materials each day (class folder, pen/pencil, covered text, agenda, completed homework)

ü  Respect the right of others to express differing opinions

ü  Make up any work/tests missed due to absence



Grades are based on:


v  Class and home assignments 40%

v  Tests and quizzes 50%

v  Participation 10%

Homework Policy

Students must write all assignments in their planner. Unless notified otherwise, all homework is due at the beginning of class the following school day.  Students may turn in assignments one day late for full credit with a ZAP/SCORE stamp/pass.  ZAP/SCORE stamp/pass will not be accepted for projects.  Projects may be turned in up to one week late for partial credit. 




If a student is absent during an assessment (test/quiz), the student must complete it upon returning to school. More time (maximum one week) will be given for extended absences. 



 Anyone who receives a C or lower is highly encouraged to retake the assessment.  Retakes will be given at 7:40 a.m. within a week of the original assessment. 




***** Students need colored pencils and thin black felt pens to be used at home for map homework and other projects. ****