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Vocab quiz #1 Friday, 10/26!
Gaining Independence retake will be Wednesday 10/24 @7:30

Monday 10/22:  Consequences After the War.  Hw if not completed.  

Tuesday 10/23: Consequences of the War and Articles of Confederation summery.  Hw if not completed.   

Wednesday 10/24: America Under the Articles of Confederation.  Hw if not completed.  

Thursday 10/25:  Northwest Ordinance.  Hw if not completed.  

Friday 10/26: Vocab quiz #1.  No hw.  

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7th Grade Social Studies

Vocab quiz #1 Friday, 10/26!
 Canada retake will be Wednesday 10/24 @7:30

Monday 10/22: Latin America Webquest.  No hw.  

Tuesday 10/23: Complete Webquest and Map.  Hw if not completed.  

Wednesday 10/24:  Categorize Latin America.  Hw if not completed.  

Thursday 10/25:  Climate and World Atlas.  No hw.  

Friday 10/26:  Vocab quiz #1 and complete World Atlas.  Hw if not completed.