I teach 6th Grade Social Studies and Publishing Class. I have been teaching at Page since 2005.  

Page Middle School is a part of the Lamphere Schools in Madison Heights, MI. Lamphere is an enthusiastic educational community, with outstanding teachers, administrators, support staff, and incredible kids that enjoy challenges and show a true compassion for learning.  

Contact Mrs. Alimario
Phone: 248-589-3428 ext. 2748
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Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 7:45-8:00 am

Regular Daily Schedule: 

8:10-9:07 1st Hour - Publishing/Yearbook Class

9:11-10:05 2nd Hour - Prep Time

10:09-11:03 3rd Hour - 6th Grade Social Studies

11:07-11:30   PRIDE Class

11:34-11:59 Lunch

12:03-12:56 4th Hour - 6th Grade Social Studies

1:00-1:53 5th Hour - 6th Grade Social Studies

6th Hour - 6th Grade Social Studies

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