And We're Off!

posted Oct 6, 2016, 4:31 PM by Michael Garvey
We are thrilled to have over 130 students in Fifth Grade Band this year!

Classes will be meeting twice each week. For Mr. Garvey's daytime class, students will be split in half according to instrument type, and will attend Mrs. Vaughn's music class during the half they are not in their band class. For Mrs. Garvey's morning band class, all band students will meet together.

Please review the calendar so you know what day each week you need to arrive to school early, and what days you need to have your instrument and book in school!

By this point, brass and woodwind students are able to assemble instruments, make first sounds on mouthpieces alone, and play at least one note on the fully assembled instrument. Percussionists have learned to assemble their instruments, identify notes on the keyboard, and the proper technique for sounding their first notes.

Please continue to encourage your student to play for you at home. As the weeks go by you will start to notice some recognizable tunes. Maybe you have already!

Thank you for your support. Check here often for updates.

-Mr. and Mrs. Garvey