Mr. Kedzior's Science Classes

Teacher Intro


Born and raised in Warren, Mr. Kedzior graduated from Wayne State in 2003. In 2006 he and his wife moved to central Florida, where he spent 11 years teaching science in grades 5-8, and starting a family.

Fast forward to 2017, Mr. Kedzior, family in tow, moved back to Michigan, and can now be found teaching 6th and 7th grade science at Page Middle School and coaching Robotics at Lamphere High School.

  • Students, your job in my class is to come to class every day with a curious mind and positive attitude, and show your best work in everything that we do, even if it is challenging or you get frustrated. We learn by making mistakes and working collaboratively to overcome challenges.
  • Parents and Guardians, your job is to support and encourage your student. Stay on top of their grades and behavior, make sure they are completing all their assignments, and hold them to the expectation that they will always do their best.

Office Hours: Mondays 7:30-8:00 + 3:00-3:30

Daily Schedule:

1st and 2nd hour - 6th Grade Science

3rd, 4th, 5th hour - 7th Grade Science

PRIDE - 6th grade

Classroom Expectations

    • Respect yourself, the teacher, the classroom, and other students
    • Raise your hand to speak
    • Follow all directions quickly the first time they are given
    • Be on time, on task, and prepared to learn every day.


Aside from bringing their agenda and binder to class daily,7th grade students will need a composition book (not a spiral notebook) to be used as a Science Journal. 6th graders do NOT require a science journal or notebook. In addition, we always write in pencil, because mistakes will happen.

I will provide all students with a green science binder. These binders remain in the classroom at all times, and is a place for students to store notes, work, labs, and extra supplies.


    • 50% of your grade will be from Assessments: tests, quizzes, big labs we do, projects, etc.
    • 50% of your grade will be from Assignments: classwork, homework, practice pages, journal checks, etc.

6th Grade Units of Study

The Water Cycle

Investigating and Modeling Body Systems

Forces and Motion

Interactions within Ecosystems

Cycling of Energy and Matter Through Food Webs

7th Grade Units of Study

Waves (sound and light)

Chemical and Physical Changes and Reactions

Structure and Function of Cells

Genetics and Heredity

7th graders:

JOURNAL CHECKS: You must have your journal every day. They will be checked periodically for a grade.

LOST JOURNALS: If you lose it, replace it immediately.

ABSENCES: You are responsible for getting notes for the days you are absent. You can get them from a classmate (1st) or from Mr. Kedzior (2nd)

RESPECT THE JOURNAL: Take care of it, do your best, neatest work inside of it, and use it often. A notebook that doesn’t get studied is a sad notebook.

DON’T TEAR OUT PAGES: Absolutely do not tear out pages. If you mess up, re-do the work on a separate piece of paper and we can paste or staple it over the messed up one.

DOODLING: Adding illustrations, borders, or other creative designs is absolutely encouraged, as long as it doesn’t distract from the information on the page.

Important Dates/Annoucements